Randall Knife #3 "Hunter" / 1940's
5" Tool Steel Blade, Small Stamp
Silver Soldered Single Brass Hilt
Pinned Stag Handle
Riveted Heiser Sheath
Soft Arkansas Stone
New Randall Carry Case

Summary: this is an old (mid to late 1940's) Randall #3-5 and right-side carry riveted Heiser sheath. The knife has been used, resharpened with marks on both sides; that said, everything is rock solid and there’s tons of life left. NOT beat up at all, this is a gorgeous early hunter. The knife has a silver soldered brass hilt, seven spacers and light colored pinned stag handle. No cracks on the stag, angled butt and there’s a word for it but it slips my mind at the moment.

The knife is paired to a right-side carry brown button riveted Heiser sheath stamped with the HHH trademark on the back belt loop. The sheath alone is worth a bundle – early Heiser leather in this condition is hard to come by. Sheath condition is excellent or better: stitching is all solid, snaps work as they should, etc. Light handling, all minor. WHH on the back, as shown. (I have no information as to who this might have been) As photographed, what is likely the original green label Soft Arkansas stone is in the front pouch. (this is a $250 to $300 stone!)

9 photos for review – as shown, an embroidered Randall Made Knives carry case is included. This is a neat old pairing worth more than my asking – it'll make a sweet addition to someone's Randall knife collection or a fabulous old knife to use now and hand down to the next generation. Thanks and good luck.