Summary: this is an older Randall #20 Yukon Skinner with a 4-1/2" stainless blade, squared nickel silver hilt, and gently curving polished stag handle with lanyard. I don't think the shop will do the polished stag on knives anymore, not only is this a terrific model but it's a terrific model with a kick ass handle! Condition is excellent+++ or better, you're not going to find anything other than a few light insertion marks on the back side of the blade. And, even those you won't see unless you flip the blade around in direct light.

The original Johnson roughback sheath has not been on a belt and is excellent condition. Back side correctly stamped 20 below the RMK trademark, an unused plain salmon stone in the front pouch. At worst a couple of small scuffs here and there, also a bit of darkness at the throat from past knife storage.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Randall Knives carry case is included. Condition condition condition... AND with the stainless blade, squared NS hilt and polished stag / lanyard... options options options! Perfect knife for use or to tuck away, you can do no wrong buying an older Randall knife like this at this price point. Thanks and good luck.