Vintage WWII military grouping. This grouping is from a decorated Office of Strategic Services (OSS) veteran who served in the Burma Campaign. The OSS was the precursor to the CIA. This grouping would make a rare addition to any WWII or militaria collection, it consists of several items with accompanying photocopied history which belonged to decorated OSS veteran Lt. Richard T. Walsh, Det. 101.

The knives and sheaths are in rough condition, obviously carried and used often. That said, the blade / guard / handle and butt cap are not falling apart, no rattles. The smaller theater knife looks field fabricated, no markings on it to be found.

The leather is quite brittle, there's a stone in the pouch but I am reluctant to try to remove it. Again, condition is rough as can be seen in the photos.

Best offers accepted, I will present offers to the seller. There's certainly a good bit of value in the provenance, the medals / patch / pin / paperwork all included.

Randall: 8-1/8" blade
Theater Knife: 5-5/8" blade

Check it out... if you're a condition freak this one's definitely not for you. Thanks and good luck.