Summary: this is the prototype SE mid-length survival knife made by Vaughn Neeley. These SE's are the mid-length knives in the hollow handle line-up, perfect for use / carry. The upper edge at the tip has very small roughing sawteeth ideal for making tinder (see close up) -- the double guard is drilled for lanyard attachments. (for spear fabrication) The handle is hollow and wrapped with brown cord that can be removed if and when needed -- you'll find a survival kit (as shown in photos) stored in the handle. The removable butt cap has a polished underside perfect for signaling. Mint condition.

The sheath is handmade by Vaughn -- there is a fixed sharpening stone under the back flap. Mint condition.

10 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case and 550 paracord survival bracelet both included. Everything is brand new – as far as investment / collection purposes go, you just can't beat owning the prototype. Additional specs below -- thanks and good luck.

Blade Length 6-5/16 inches • Bead Blast Finish • Nylon Handle Wrap • Overall Length 11-3/8 inches • 440 C Blade hardened to 58-60 RC 440 C Butt Cap hardened to 58 RC • 304 Series Stainless Guard • Handle is turned from 304 series heavy wall stainless tubing • Precision threading and knurling • Butt Cap inside flat polished to mirror • Original style nylon survival pack in handle, includes compass, line, flies, hooks, sinkers, etc.