Summary: previously owned / unused serial #7 TASS Seal Team Knife with cerakote blade and camo grips. Razor sharp, simply an awesome nearly indestructible knife with a lifetime warranty. Mint condition.

The knife is paired with one of Jim's custom kydex belt sheaths. Knife / sheath fit is perfect, the sheath is in excellent+++ condition with just a few light scuffs.

5 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a great price on this low numbered knife, bad to the bone with custom grips. Thanks and good luck.

About this model from the maker:

"I made 22 of these TASS knifes for 22 Navy Seals from ? Team and ? Platoon. Their legal department asked me to keep it private for security reasons. No bullshit! Pretty sure this is a first for a knife maker to supply the entire Platoon of seals with knives. Several of the Seals have been buying Treeman Combats all along since day one. After all, 4 Seals are actually responsible for me getting into the Combat tactical knife business in the first place. The 6" Ultra phalanx was co designed by myself and Eric from team 4 and that started it all.

The TASS knife came about when the Seal Platoon decided to have a platoon knife. They also wanted to honor a lost team member Matthew Kantor that was killed in Afghanistan in 2012. Kantor's SOCOM issued designator call sign was E-4. Kantor recieved a bronze Star for his bravery in action and saving many lives. So all the Seals knives have TASS -E4 on the blade . This way these guys will be able to honor Kantor on every mission and every time they use the TASS -E4. The Seals are the only men to get knives with the E4 call sign on the blade. The rest of you men get knives with TASS only blade markings U.S.A .

The Seals voted on the blade design, blade thickness, handles, blade color and sheath configuration. They wanted a 5" blade made of super tough 3/16 " O1 tool steel 56 Rc with Black cerakote finish. Handles are black & green G10. They picked from 4 prototype sheaths. Black leather clip back slip fit, black leather belt sheath with tie down, black leather two points of attachment with tie downs for free fall and strap over guard and around handle or kydex in black . They voted Kydex 12 to 10! Pretty close and some of the men ended up with several sheaths. The leather slip fit is perfect for a inside the belt in the small of your back or boot knife style carry. Double attachment is great for a man that wants leather and wants to be sure his knife stays in the sheath no matter what and the strap around the handle style belt sheath is a true classic. All sheaths are high end USA made custom leather or kydex.

I made 6 Prototypes and 1/10 numbered and 60 standard knives and they are all gone. I wanted to get the Seals knives in their hands before I listed them on the web site. As always American made of the best materials and as long as I am alive you have a warranty. After I'm gone you're on your own!. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring Treeman"