Summary: one of two knives made by Jim with the “Kris” shaped blade. This is the one Jim handled with flawless center cut ivory, needless to say it’s not only magnificent but pretty much a 1-off.

The photos really do tell the story, this is about as unique as they come. Mint from tip to hand carved ivory butt... complete with a custom riveted Treeman-made sheath.

Jim had this knife in Tulsa, I was circling around it like a shark around a surfer until I couldn’t take it anymore. I see a ton of knives, so you know when I get that way about a knife that it’s pretty damned special.

12 photos for review – as shown, a J. Behring Handmade carry case is included. Amazing but not cheap, but at least you know when you buy this one that you’ve picked off one of the best knives Jim has made in a long, long time. Thanks and good luck.