Jim Behring Fighting Knife
10-3/8" Hammer Marked Blade
Front Side Double Skulls
Double Nickel Silver Hilt
Super Nice Spacer Stack // Awesome!
Long 6” Deep Cut Pinned Stag Handle
Fitted Brass Butt Plate
Behring-Made Riveted Stone Pocket Sheath
Unused Eggshell Colored Sharpening Stone
New Black Canvas Carry Case
Treeman Knives Patch

Summary: a brand new & custom Jim Behring fighting knife with a 10-3/8" double skull stamped hammer marked blade, silver soldered nickel guard, sweet looking spacer stack and kick ass pinned stag handle with fitted brass butt plate. Not some wimpy handle... this thing is man sized at 6" from the the center of the guard to the back end. Blade and handle are both perfect, overall near mint condition with just a few light wipe marks on the guard and butt plate. It’s an awesome knife in mint condition, a whopping 16-1/2” overall length!

The custom Behring-made belt sheath with stone pouch is in mint condition, silver rivets with eggshell colored stone in the front pouch. The sheath is in mint condition, the knife / sheath fit is perfect.

9 photos for review -- a new black canvas carry case and Treeman Knives patch both included. Photos are accurate but do this combination NO justice, this knife is much nicer in hand. The handle is long and simply awesome, it’s amazing that $750 can still buy a hand forged, hand made knife and sheath of this quality. Treeman fighters kick ass, there’s nothing quite like them. Thanks and good luck.