Summary: this is one hell of a nice hammer-marked fighting knife made by Jim Behring. The knife is brand new from the maker, unused and in perfect condition but for a bit of tarnish on the brass butt. Razor sharp edge, brass furniture front and back of the long, traditional spacer stack. Nice crow’s beak shape to the butt with lanyard, feels perfect in either hand. 1/4” stock, OAL length is right at 14-1/2”.

The knife is fitted to a custom riveted roughback splitback sheath made right there at the Treeman shop. I’ve not seen many (or any, for that matter) roughback splitback Treeman sheaths in the past, this one’s really neat! Treeman Leather Shop stamp on the back, it’s even got a riveted loop for a thigh lanyard. Brand new, just a rub or two at most.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Treeman Knives carry case is included. I've priced the knife low for a 9” hammer-marked fighter, where else can you find a completely hand made, hand forged knife and custom sheath for $695? Not too many places, and most certainly not of Jim's quality. Sure to appreciate in price at some point down the road, the old gray stallion ain't making as many as he used to. Thanks and good luck.