Summary: this is an older Camp Knife made by Jim Behring. Jim hasn’t used the horsehide Mosher sheaths in a good long while, this one’s got to be several years old. This is a big chopper with a 7-1/2” tool steel blade, razor sharp. Jim made the knife with a brass guard, followed it up with a long / traditional spacer stack, and finished the knife with a super nice piece of crotch stag. Great detail and finish work, condition is excellent+++ to near mint with just a smidgen of tarnish on the brass guard.

The sheath is original to the knife, an old style horsehide Mosher with brass rivets and basket weave tooling on the front and keeper strap. Jack Mosher sure kicked ass when he was making sheaths, this beast is no exception. The back is stamped Mosher H, overall condition is excellent+++ or better with nothing but a few light tarnish on the rivets and a handling mark or two on the back side.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new green canvas carry case is included. This would be a perfect knife to have at the campsite, it’ll chop through a chicken and still keep on tickin’. Probably best to tuck away for collection purposes, Jim isn’t making as many knives as he used to -- his older stuff in unused condition should appreciate in value quite nicely. Thanks and good luck.