Summary: this is a nice little all purpose hunter made by Jim Behring. This knife as a 4" tool steel blade, brass guard, long stacked leather spacer stack, and light colored pinned crotch stag butt with lanyard. Overall length is a hair under 8-1/2", feels great in either hand. The knife is unused but not quite perfect, you'll find a few light insertion marks on both sides of the blade if you flip the knife around in direct light. (not from use, just going in and out of the pouch)

Jim also made the sheath, one of his "flap over" riveted belt sheaths with basket weave tooling. Jim's stamp on the back belt loop, a excellent+++ or better and never on a belt.

7 photos for review – as shown, a Treeman Knives carry case is included. This is a great knife for the money, more knife than a large percentage of users will ever need. Razor sharp edge (like all of Jim's knives), a knife to take out and use made by a guy who uses his own knives regularly. Thanks and good luck.