Summary: this is a terrific looking hunting / skinning knife made by Jim Behring. This one has a 5" tool steel blade, brass guard, stack with double green spacers, and a super awesome thick stag handle with large compass. Overall length of the knife is 10-1/4", feels great in both the left and right hand. The knife is in perfect condition, brand new.

The knife is paired to a custom Behring-made belt sheath with front side insert. Yes, I said Behring-made... Jim is making a few of his own sheaths these days and the quality of these sheaths is second to none. Brass rivets and keeper strap snap, there’s a riveted thigh lanyard loop on the back side. Mint condition.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case and J. Behring Handmade patch both included. This is a great looking knife with the thick stag & compass, extra special paired with such a nice custom sheath. Thanks and good luck.