Summary: an awesome looking heavy duty, kick ass skinner made by Jim Behring. This is a super nice knife with a 5-3/4" hammer marked blade (great blade grind!!), nickel silver guard, short spacer stack and awesome popcorn stag handle. This is a large skinning knife that feels great in either hand, brand new and in mint condition.

The knife is paired to the original custom belt sheath with elephant hide inlay. Rock solid and looks fabulous, matches the knife perfectly and is in mint condition.

Bonus: one of the old style large Treeman Knives sharpening stones in the original laser etched box. Unused, it’s been sitting in my knife room for years. Many of these large stones cracked when originally shipped, this one didn’t and it’s the last Treeman Knives etched box / stone I have.

11 photos for review – as shown, an old school carry case is included. This would be a great knife to buy for hunting purposes, it's a BIG skinner that's razor sharp and able to handle heavy duty use. Gorgeous with the popcorn stag, you know I just love this one as there’s several more photos than normal! Thanks and good luck.