Summary: this J. Behring handmade Scagel-style Trout and Deer knife has a 4-1/2" hand forged blade made from spring steel, hammered down just enough to give it the right weight and balance. A knife you can use hunting and / or fishing, perfect size. The knife has a brass guard, there is a nice assortment of hand cut spacers. Jim finished the knife with a drop tine pinned butt and brass cap, simply awesome. The OAL is 9-1/2” from tip to end of tine... mint condition.

The knife comes with the original handmade leather belt sheath with toad skin inlay made in the Treeman shop. Knife / sheath fit is perfect, mint condition. And while we’re here, let’s all stop and acknowledge what great leather Rocco is turning out these days, just outstanding “in shop” work.

8 photos for review -- as shown, a brown carry case is included. This great size hunting knife will serve you well in the field, a total “looker” and perfect for collection / investment purposes. A most excellent find.... priced to sell. Thanks and good luck.