Summary: this is a long-bladed Woodcraft with 6-1/4” 1095 blade, brass guard, very long / traditional spacer stack, and beautiful pinned crotch stag butt with brass tips. Unique in that regard, the brass tips look fabulous! The knife feels great in either the left or right hand, beautifully finished and in mint condition. (I noticed just a smidgen of tarnish on the tips, I’ll clean that off before shipping)

The knife is paired to a Treeman shop made riveted belt sheath with Ostrich hide front. The knife / sheath fit is perfect, simply gorgeous and in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case, Treeman sticker and patch all included. This would be a great knife to have on your belt for most any outdoor expedition, it’s a total looker and dirt cheap considering all the work Jim put in to this one. Check it out... thanks and good luck.