Summary: giveaway price on this Jim Behring camp axe. Call it a Labor Day special, if it's not sold by the end of the month then I'm yanking it offline and using it myself. This is a $750-800 piece, I'll take it out and hack things with it just to spite y'all for not buying it!

This hammer-marked axe has an approximately 3" cutting edge, overall length is about 11-1/2". Jim built the axe with a nickel silver hilt, short spacer stack, awesome pinned stag handle, and finished it off with a thick nickel silver butt plate. There aren't many guys that can pull this off so well on a regular basis, the attention to detail and finish work is exceptional. The axe is very sharp, I'm pretty sure it has not been resharpened. There are light scratches on both sides of the head (sheath insertion) and light handling marks on the nickel silver hardware. (hilt and butt plate) Send it to Jim and he will clean this up in about two minutes flat, it's worth way more than my asking and the few bucks to send it to Jim is money well spent. All said, overall excellent+++ condition... a no brainer at $550.

The head cover was made by Jack Mosher, basket weave tooling all around and silver snaps to match the nickel silver furniture. Mint condition.

9 photos for review – as shown, a J. Behring Handmade patch case is included. This is a great piece at a great price – send it to Jim to make it mint and then tuck it away, or take it out and put it to work. Either way, if you think about it too long I guarantee you it will end up belonging to someone else. Thanks and good luck.