Summary: great price on this large Jim Behring camp hatchet, Jim usually makes his bigger hatchets with an overall length of 12” or so. Jim made this one with a noticeably larger handle, overall length is right at 14”.

This gorgeous and fully functional hatchet has an approximately 3-1/2" cutting edge, as stated above the overall length is 14". Jim built this hatchet with a nickel silver hilt, extra long spacer stack and finished it with an awesome pinned crown stag butt. There aren't many guys that can pull this off so well on a regular basis, the attention to detail and finish work is exceptional. The hatchet is very sharp, brand new and purchased directly from Jim. No handling marks... no nuthin’... this one’s in mint condition.

The head cover was made by Rocco right there at the Treeman shop, fit / finish is perfect and in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a J. Behring Handmade / Treeman Knives patch is included. This is a great piece priced to sell – tuck it away or take it out and put it to work. Either way, if you think about it too long I guarantee you it will end up belonging to someone else. Thanks and good luck.