Summary: this is a Jimmy Lile model 12 built as follows: 4-3/8" satin finish blade, single nickel hilt and pins, and gorgeous stag scales with thick red tang liners. This is a pre-death / no dot knife with the blade stamped LILE across the ricasso. The knife looks new, absolutely beautiful condition. The blade has it's original edge and is perfect -- the stag slabs are FLAWLESS. Overall length: 9-1/4".

The knife is fitted to an original Lile issue Sullivan sheath with the shop stamp on the back. The sheath is in excellent condition, just a few handling marks and a scuff on the front side belt loop. The knife / sheath "fit" couldn't be any better.

8 photos for review -- as shown, I've included a brand new carry case for storage. With the 3/16" stock all the way back (no tapered tang), this knife is heavy and feels great "in hand". It's quite rare to find a model 12 with such gorgeous stag scales -- harder still to find one in this near perfect condition. Thanks and good luck.