When was the last time you saw a Mad Dog Centurion with the old school combat finish? This one's simply gorgeous, brand new and ready for your next adventure. I also have a matching combat finish Centurion 2 (partially serrated blade) available if you’re looking for a matching pair. Check it out....

Summary: Mad Dog Knives "Centurion " with 6" hard-chromed blade with combat finish, Mad Dog trademark signature on the back ricasso. 1/4" blade stock, T1 choil and black handle. The handle material is the proprietary glass / epoxy composite -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. This knife is brand new and in mint condition.

The knife comes with standard high ride sheath. Mint condition.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case and sticker both included. I have a couple of these Centurions with combat finish… no custom etching, no VVTL... no BS. Just a ass kicker of a knife ready for wherever life takes you. Thanks and good luck.