Summary: a few just in… yeah, baby! Mad Dog "Taiho 9" with a 9" tanto blade with upgraded VVTL finish. Mad Dog put the large JMD on this one, it's made with a T3 choil and black / blue composite handle. This is a heavy hitting tactical fighter, 1/4" blade stock with an overall length of 14". I haven't seen another Taiho 9 for sale in like... FOREVER!! (other than my website!) This bad boy is brand new and in mint condition.

The knife comes with the original ATAK sheath, brand new and in mint condition.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Mad Dog carry case is included. This knife is outrageously nice with the tanto blade and large JMD, it's a very rare model and you could wait a long, long time to find another like it. It looks wickedly nice and feels even better in hand, a perfect Mad Dog knife for collection / investment purposes. Great price...I think these are the first 9” with the black and blue composite handle material. Thanks and good luck.

Please note: I also have one of these Taiho 9’s with a black composite handle. Just one. See photos 7 & 8, if you want the black handled knife just let me know and I’ll adjust availability below.

Black Handled Taiho 9”: available
Black & Blue Handled Taiho 9’s: available