Summary: this is a Mad Dog Knives Mirage - X EOD ceramic knife. This knife is extremely sought after and is a very unique piece. The Mirage-X line is Mad Dog's 2nd generation of non-metallic blades, far superior to previous attempts of a usable non-metallic blade. Mirage-X blades are used around the world by elite military and law enforcement operators for covert operations to EOD teams who prefer non-metallic, non galvanic signature.

Edge Holding: abrasion resistance has a whole new meaning. With a hardness approaching a diamond, the Mirage-X holds and edge better than any other knife made. Unlike the fragile ceramic knives on the market today, the Mirage-X is not made of simple alumina ceramic. The Mirage-X can cut glass and shave steel off a SEAL ATAK without going dull.

Magnetically Inert: The Mirage-X has absolutly zero magnetic permeablilty. It is far safer than titanium to use around magnetically or capacitively triggered ordnance. The Mirage-X is simply invisible to all metal detectors.

This knife has not been used, literally new / old stock. Overall length is 10-3/8”. The knife comes with the original right-handed high ride kydex sheath.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. Looking for something special to add to your collection? Maybe a Mad Dog collector but missing this one very rare piece? To both I say "look no further" – thanks and good luck.

Additional information from the web:

Mirage X - a magnetically inert, radically advanced, galvanically exempt knife benefitting from hybrid technology, a ceramic composite that is unique to Mad Dog Knives alone.

Corrosion Proof: whereas titanium and stainless steel merely resist corrosion to varying degrees, the Mirage X is impervious to the effects of salt water, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, chlorine, ozone, and any solvent. It is not corrosion resistant, it is corrosion proof. The Mirage X can spend years in environments that will destroy titanium in seconds.

With a specific gravity of 6.5 for the blade material, the Mirage X is lighter than steel (8.5) and heavier than titanium (4.5). The result is a blade that dramatically outperforms the cutting and chopping ability of any titanium blade of similar dimensions, and cuts or chops longer than any steel blade without going dull. The Mirage X is an incredible workhorse. You will wear out long before it does.