Summary: a drop dead gorgeous 4-3/4" hammer-marked Hunter made by James Behring, Jr. before he moved to Montana back in 2011. James fitted the knife with a copper guard, short stack and fabulous looking pinned artifact fossil walrus ivory handle. Mint condition but for some patina on the copper guard, this one’s eye candy all the way and I’ve not seen another quite like it. Comes with the C.O.A., as shown.

The knife is paired to a pigskin finish belt sheath made by Jack Mosher. Silver rivets with over the guard keep strap, the knife / sheath fit is perfect. Mint condition.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. James didn’t make a million fossil ivory knives when he was working with his dad in Michigan, good luck finding another little screamer like this with CO.A. The photos tell the story on this one… it’s a beauty. Thanks and good luck.