Summary: this is a sweet looking early James Behring, Jr. Woodcraft made way back when he first moved from Michigan to Montana. This knife has a 4-3/4” tool steel blade, nickel silver hilt, nice looking short spacer stack, and beautiful deep cut caramel colored stag with compass. (waterproof & glows in the dark) The knife feels great in either the left or right hand, beautifully finished and beautiful looking. The knife has never been used and looks pretty much new but for whisper light insertion marks on the blade that can only be seen if you turn the blade in direct light.

The knife is paired to the original Mosher-made riveted pouch sheath with pigskin finish. Jack’s sheath quality was simply the best available (maybe that’s why he took so long to get them done, ha!), I’m sure he’s retired by now. The knife / sheath fit is perfect, near mint condition with just one scuff on the front.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This would be a great knife to have on your belt for hunting or all-around camp use, this bad boy is razor sharp and ready for chores. It's a very nice looking knife priced to sell, one of three very nice and well priced JR knives I currently have for sale. Thanks and good luck.