Summary: a beautiful "Copperfield" hunter by Poland knifemaker Marcin Bona. (Bona Knives) This knife has a 4-5/8" high carbon blade, copper guard, and dyed Birch handle. The makers mark (Bona) on the spine just ahead of the guard (see photo 5), Marcin marks his knives this way so as not to detract from the aesthetic beauty of the knife.

The high quality, handle matching leather belt sheath also made by Marcin. The knife / sheath fit is perfect -- the sheath is in mint condition.

6 photos for review – I'll include a new black canvas carry case for knife storage. Marcin's knives are rarely found for sale on this side of the pond, I pick them up when I can and take care of the worldwide logistics for you. Fit / finish is perfect, the high quality matching sheath just icing on the cake. Outstanding value for such a well made, beautiful knife – thanks and good luck.

Spec's from the maker:

steel – high carbon NC6 / 4.0 mm [0.157"]
length – 240 mm [9.449"]
blade – 117 mm [4.606"]
handle – dyed Birch, copper
sheath – leather