Summary: here's a link to everything you need to know about this very special 1 of 1 knife made by Rob Bayley:

The knife is unused and in mint condition with original edge. The black sheath has a few scuffs, still easily excellent+++ or better condition. The custom case is fabulous, in the photos you can see an area where some material is missing, but that can be fixed with a small piece of "fill in" velour. No big deal.... really. I'm not sure how much the case cost, it was made by the guy who made Bond's PPK/S case in Skyfall (see below) and it must have cost some serious coin.

9 photos for review – as shown, a custom storage case is included. This is an outrageously rare 1-off Bayley knife priced about the same as one of his Bear signature pieces, pretty much a must have for any survival / bushcraft knife collection. More info below -- thanks and good luck.

I contacted Jonathan Deval long ago about this exact knife / case, great guy. Here's what he had to say about this set:

Bloody Hell. How much did that go for?

The case and inserts were made by the same guy that made the PPK/S case that Bond is given in SKYFALL. His name is Pete.

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