Randall Knife #12-8 Big Bear Bowie
8" Stainless Steel w/ Sharpened Clip
Forward-Curving Brass Guard
Custom Black & Brass Spacers
#22 Shaped Bone Linen Micarta Handle
#22 Crow's Beak Brass Butt Cap + Lanyard
Sullivan Brown A Sheath Stamped 12 8
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
Embroidered Carry Case (

Summary: fully loaded, current production Randall 12-8 Big Bear Bowie and brown Sullivan sheath in unused / excellent+++ or better condition. Great build on this bad boy -- the SS blade, custom spacers, custom material, #22 crow's beak butt and lanyard are all optional "bolt on's". Nothing but patina / tarnish on the brass hardware-- you'll find the normal very light wipe marks that'll all buff away rather quickly. Blade is clean and the edges are original as is the finish, it’s been tucked away since original purchase.

The original forward-curving Sullivan sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition with a few light handling marks Correctly stamped 12 8 on the back belt loop, an unused plain salmon sharpening stone is in the front pouch.

9 photos for review -- as shown, a new embroidered carry case is included. This is a kick ass Randall Bowie loaded to the gills -- I won't even begin to price out all the optional equipment. All said and done, this is one hell of a knife for the money. Don’t miss out… thanks and good luck.