Randall #1-8 "Fighting Knife"
8-1/8" Tool Steel Blade, Deep Choil
Double Nickel Hilt, 7 Spacers
Carved Pre-Ban Ivory Handle
(significant crack on top)
Brass Butt Cap with Steel Nut
No Sheath
Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is an early 7 spacer Randall model #1-8 with nickel silver hilt, 7 spacers, carved ivory handle and brass butt cap with nut.. I have no information on the knife and no idea who did the carving on the pre-ban ivory handle. That said… talk about personality!!

The knife has obviously been used but the blade still full. Light pitting / scratches on the blade, not some sock drawer queen. What it IS: one hell of a kick ass knife that might not fit in every collection but will surely be a “catch” to the right vintage fighting knife collector.

Description above and 10 photos for review -- as shown, a canvas carry case is included. This is a very neat old knife, if you have any questions or comments feel free to email! Thanks and good luck.