Summary: this is an awesome 1950’s model 3 with a 7” tool steel blade, brass guard, 5 thick spacers, leather handle and duralumin butt cap with nut and washer. Maybe used a time or two if at all, just a few very light scratches along the edge and a couple of pencil tip sized spots on the back side of the blade. If you’re looking for a vintage hunter in amazing shape… look no further.

The knife is paired with a wide flap, corn row, brown button Heiser sheath with unused SIC-74 stone in the pouch. The sheath has some type of coating on both sides, some type of protectant with a bit of a glossy finish. Whatever it is, it’s pretty much preserved the sheath amazingly well. The snaps function as they should, just a bit of darkness at the throat from past knife storage.

10 photos for review – as shown, an embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is a beautiful, 65+ year old Randall Hunter in amazing shape, perfect for collection / investment purposes and not to be missed. Check it out… thanks and good luck.