Summary: this is a gorgeous Randall model #18 Crutch Tip with an Orlando stamped tool steel blade, large brass guard, pinched tube handle, and 20/1 butt cap.

The blade is 7-5/8" long with the Orlando, FLA stamp. Small sawteeth on this one, the stamp is crisp and clean. Probably shop cleaned at some point, the blade looks absolutely beautiful. The hollow handle is 4-3/4" long with rubber cap removed, the tang extends in to the handle approximately 2-3/4". All said and done, the knife looks nearly new but for tarnish on the brass guard.

The riveted Johnson roughback sheath is in excellent condition, I picked a bit of verdigris from around the rivets. A bit of darkness at the throat from knife storage (minimal), at worst you'll find a few handling marks on the front and a bit of verdigris around the rivets on the back side. The original stone still with the sheath, it's a Soft Arkansas with blue print.

8 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. This is a totally cool and very collectible knife in impeccable condition, a great one to tuck away in your collection. These Crutch Tip's date back to the mid-60's, not sure exactly when this one was made. The photos tell the story, it's a fabulous knife / sheath combination. Check it out... thanks and good luck.