Summary: this is a lightly used Randall model #18 Crutch Tip with an Orlando stamped tool steel blade, large brass guard, pinched tube handle, and 20/1 butt cap.

The blade is 7-1/2" long with the Orlando, FLA stamp. Large sawteeth on this one, light scratches front half of both sides of the blade as shown in photos 8 & 9. The hollow handle is 4-3/4" long with rubber cap removed, the tang extends in to the handle approximately 2-3/4". Overall condition is excellent, just some light use but very cool with the Sep S stamp.

The riveted Johnson roughback sheath is in excellent condition, I picked a bit of verdigris from around the rivets. Very little in the way of darkness at the throat from knife storage, you'll find a few handling / scuff marks on the front toe below the stone pouch and a bit of verdigris around the rivets on the back side. Stone pouch empty (no stone included), this way when I acquired the knife.

9 photos for review – as shown, a green canvas RMK carry case is included. These Crutch Tip's date back to the mid-60's, not sure exactly when this one was made. The photos tell the story, this is a fair price on a gently used vintage Sep S model 18. Check it out... thanks and good luck.