Summary: rock solid WWII mid-40’s Randall Fighting Knife and original riveted Heiser sheath. This knife has a 7” blade, brass guard, five thick spacers, stacked leather handle and dura butt cap with lanyard and brass nut. Everything is tight, the knife has been lightly used but not abused. Blade is full, blade grind is awesome. Patina on the guard, a few shallow dings on the stacked leather handle. The dura butt is in great shape, brass nut and washer on the butt end have not been messed with. All said and done, a very nice example of a wartime Randall Fighter.

The knife is paired with what is presumably the original sheath. It’s a Heiser with rivets at the throat (I think rivets were phased out late ’48 or early ’49) and with the Norton Abrasives Soft Arkansas Oilstone in the front pouch. I’d guess this was more of a pack or gear stowed knife as the belt loop is stiff and there’s little to no wear on the inside. Considering age, overall condition is excellent: snaps function, all stitching tight, etc. Like the knife, used but definitely not abused.

8 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. 70+ year old RMK fighters rarely come up for sale, it’s a great find perfect for any vintage Randall or fighting knife collection. Thanks and good luck.