Vaughn Neeley Knife
BD "Boot Dagger" #050
10" Overall Length
5" 440c / Double Edge, Hollow Ground
Two Tone Blade Finish
Sculpted Black Linen Micarta Handle
303 SS Guard & Pommel
Hand Made Custom Sheath
New Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is Vaughn's double-edged BD "Boot Dagger"... a fantastic knife and little brother to his longer 8" custom dagger. The pinpoint blade is 440C stainless made from 1/4" stock -- 303 series stainless steel fittings (guard and pommel) at both ends of a one piece hand sculpted black linen micarta handle. If you own one of the longer daggers then expect more of the same quality, engineering and craftsmanship -- Vaughn absolutely labors over every knife that goes out the door.

This dagger is fitted to a handmade leather belt sheath with belt / boot clip -- snug fit and the knife will not fall out if turned upside-down. The sheath is brand new and in mint condition.

6 photos of BD #012 for review -- this #050 is brand new and in mint condition. This is one hell of a knife and a bargain at this price, feel / fit / finish is second to none and I guarantee you will love the design. Thanks and good luck.

Knife Specifications:

Neeley Boot Knife - Blade Length 5 inches, Symmetrical Double Hollow Grind • Narrow Tang, Threaded Pommel • 1 Piece Sculpted Black Linen Micarta Handle • Overall Length 10 inches • 1/4" 440C Stainless Blade hardened to 60 RC • Solderless Fit 303 Stainless Steel Guard • 303 Stainless Steel Pommel • Handmade Leather Sheath with Metal Boot / Belt Clip.