Summary: this is a traditional looking hammer-marked hunting knife made by Jim Behring. This knife has a 5.25" hand forged, hammer marked blade, silver soldered nickel silver guard, long spacer stack and beautiful pinned stag butt. Jim finished the knife with a musk horn butt cap, fit and finish is exceptional. Made from ¼” stock with an overall length of 10-1/8", this knife is brand new and in mint condition.

The knife is paired to the original Behring-made riveted belt sheath with shark skin front panel. Outstanding quality, made right there at the Treeman shop so the fit is perfect. No messing around sending the knives out for leather, Jim and Rocco do it all in house!

7 photos for review – as shown, a new brown canvas carry case and patch both included. This would be a great knife to have on your belt for hunting or all-around camp use, obviously a great knife to tuck away for collection purposes. Quite the “looker” with awesome pinned stag butt, razor sharp and ready for field work. Thanks and good luck.