Summary: a sweet looking Jim Behring camp hatchet. Jim fitted this one with a nickel guard, long leather and fiber handle and a beautiful crown stag butt. Made from 3/16” stock, overall length is right at 13-1/4”.

This gorgeous and fully functional hatchet has a 3-1/4" cutting edge, big enough for most campsite needs. Jim built this hatchet with a NS guard, long Scagel-style handle and super nice / knobby crown stag butt. As always, attention to detail and finish work is exceptional… second to none. The hatchet is very sharp, brand new and purchased directly from Jim One small sheath mark on the anvil logo side only visible in direct light.. call it near mint just to be safe.

The head cover was made by Rocco right there at the Treeman shop, silver snaps to match the hatchet hardware. The fit / finish is perfect, mint condition.

5 photos for review – a Treeman Knives t-shirt (size L) and a big 20” carry case (with handles) to help with safe transport both included. This is a great piece priced to sell – tuck it away or take it out and put it to work. Either way, if you think about it too long I guarantee you it will end up belonging to someone else. (like the last one I had for sale!) Check it out… thanks and good luck.