Summary: another amazing highly collectible script signed Lile knife. This 12” Arkansas Toothpick is SO cool… condition is excellent or better with nothing but checks / hairline cracks in the hand carved pre-ban handle. I’m assuming the late James Stewart (RIP) carved the handle, it’s gorgeous with amazing detail.

The script signed blade is 12” long, overall length is right at 17-1/2”.

The sheath is original to the knife and was probably made by John Lamb. Sheath condition is excellent+++ or better, nothing but a few light spots on the front and light handling marks on the back. Very little in the way of knife storage marks, throat with a dim line but mostly clean.

9 photos for review – as shown, a large black canvas case is included. This is a great knife / sheath package to tuck away for collection / investment purposes, I have not seen any pre-ban hand carved Lile’s for sale for years and years. Thanks and good luck.