Summary: this is an extremely hard to find Jimmy Lile "Jackals" Movie knife made for the 1986 movie "Jackals aka American Justice" starring Jameson Parker. I've had a couple of these over the last ten or so years, they just never ever ever come up for sale. I know Jimmy made some button locks for the movie as well, haven't seen one of those for ages.

This knife has the movie and serial number etching on the top of the spine, easily excellent+++ to near mint condition with original edge and clean blade. The sheath is in the same condition, Lile stamping on both sides with just a few light handling marks.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new carry case is included. This is a killer deal on this very rare Lile L1 – only ten of these were ever made and it can't do anything but increase in value further on down the road. It's already 30 years old... damn near antique!! Great piece, don't miss out. Thanks and good luck.