Vintage Johnson Sheath (Sheath Only)
Made For a 7-1/2" Jimmy Lile Sly II
"Johnson's Leather Cassellberry FLA"
Unused / Never Carried / Handling Only
Excellent+++ or better condition

Summary: a very hard to find Johnson's Leather sheath made for a Jimmy Lile Sly II with a 7-1/2" blade. Note the clean keeper strap and throat -- no knife has been stored in this sheath. This sheath has the EZ Lap holder on the front -- the brass EZ lap sharpener is not included. (can be found on ebay) All stitching is solid -- unused / excellent+++ or better condition with just a few light scuffs from handling / storage.

5 photos for review -- this is a great find if you've got one of Jimmy's mid-length Sly II's with a bad sheath or no sheath. This sheath is 25 years old and original issue -- new / unused old stock. Thanks and good luck.