Summary: a batch of “Emergensticks” from Mad Dog Knives. Brand new and made from the FR4 composite, fitted with a tungsten carbide tip (great glass breaker) and lanyard at the opposite end if it’s more than glass you need to break. Overall length of the FR4 is 15-3/4”, add in the carbide tip and it’s spot on 16”. Engraved with the trademarked Mad Dog Small JMD, see photo 5. To clarify: sticks are black as shown in photos 1-4. Photo 5 of the sticks in their "raw" state just to show you the small JMD engraving.

5 photos for review – these are really neat, great as gifts and awesome for use or to tuck away as a collectible. Long story short: they’ll bust heads but they won’t bust your bank account! Thanks and good luck.

Note: I will be able to ship these starting May 10, will be out of town for Mother's Day over the weekend.