Summary: this is a Mad Dog Knives Small "Frequent Flyer". One piece G11 composite material, extremely durable. Non-metallic, this knife will not set off a metal detector. That said, you aren't going to get it through a body scanner at the airport, and if you try... no no no! The edge is approximately 3-1/2" – overall length is 8". The edge is very sharp, a sticker / slicer intended for personal carry / self defense. Signed “Mad Dog” which is rare, most are sterile. Mint condition.

The knife comes with TWO original sheaths, one kydex neck sheath AND one belt / concealment sheath. Both are in new condition without blemishes.

4 photos for review – as shown, a new MDK carry case is included. This is an excellent knife for personal use – originally made for law enforcement and perfect for concealed carry. These are great pieces, extremely hard to find signed. Thanks and good luck.