Summary: this is a giveaway price on such an unusual nearly 20 year old Mad Dog Knife. Good luck finding another, they were only made for a few months back in the year 2000. (Y2K) This one comes with the original money order receipt and email documentation… unbeatable!!

This build is basically a custom 6” ATAK: 6” hard chromed Starrett 496-01 blade of .25” stock, type 1 choil and black composite handle. Etched trademark and model on the back side, this also bears the serial #11. This knife has been tucked away a couple of decades, mint condition.

Two original sheaths accompany the knife: ATAK (aka Combat) sheath and high ride. Both sheaths have some very light scuffs / rubs from storage, no big deal.

8 photos for review (I will take a full set in a few days if it hasn’t sold by then!) – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. I’ve only seen a couple of these K2K knives for sale, most have never even heard of the model. Mad Dog made 10-12 numbered knives for the Knifengugen gathering, then made a handful non-numbered by custom order. Discontinued long ago, the history on this one dates back nearly 20 years and documentation supports that this one was purchased by the original owner directly from Mad Dog’s ex. Talk about a crazy rare find, check it out and don’t miss out. Thanks and good luck.