Note: these large Rhino's are from a very limited run (10 total, some have already sold) that Mad Dog and Jake generously made for me. If you've been waiting and wanting one of these large Rhino's... don't wait.

Summary: this is a super rare Mad Dog Rhino with a 5" hard-chromed blade, VVTL finish and small JMD etching. Red and black composite handle -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. This is a very stout skinner with piercing tip made from 3/16" blade stock – overall length is 9-3/8". Mint condition, awesome. The Rhino model was originally designed for Mad Dog's 2008 African Safari, small improvements have been made by Mad Dog on both the small and large model and the design is outstanding.

The knife comes with the standard highride belt sheath, mint condition.

4 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Mad Dog carry case is included. The Rhino's and Baby Rhino's have always been exceptionally popular blades, very VERY few of these large Rhino's have been made. Put one in your collection, it's an awesome highly sought after Mad Dog model. Thanks and good luck.