Mad Dog Knives “Panther”
10” Double-Edged Blade
VVTL Finish w/ MD-JMD Etching
Type 1 Choil
Black and Blue Composite Handle
ATAK Sheath
Mad Dog Carry Case, Patch & Sticker

Summary: brand new from the shop, this is a Mad Dog “Panther” with 10” hard-chromed blade with MD-JMD, type 1 choil, and custom black & blue handle. VVTL finish on this one, it’s awesome. Made from 1/4” stock with a fully sharpened upper edge, overall length a whopping 15”! Only a few of these Panthers made with black / blue material... it is drop dead gorgeous. Mint condition, brand new from the shop

The knife comes with the original ATAK sheath, mint condition.

10 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case, patch and sticker all included. There are no other Panther’s for sale right now (new or on the secondary market) other than this one and another on eBay priced at 9 grand. You decide. Perfect for collection / investment purposes.... thanks and good luck.