Summary: brand new model that Mad Dog & Jake coined “The Pit Girl” (aka Pit Girl), hands down the “stabbiest” 8” they’ve ever made. Made from ¼” stock but exceptionally fast in hand due to the blade grind / narrowness of the blade… it’s awesome. I have serial numbers 2 through 10, will list available serial numbers below and update as they sell.

This knife as a 8” double-edged blade with VVTL finish. Upper edge sharpened all the way back, Mad Dog + Model # + Serial # on the back ricasso. Custom type 3 choil, all ten come with a black composite handle. Overall length at 12-1/2”, brand new series so they’re all in mint condition. These are the first made… prototype is gone but the 1 through 10 up for sale!!

The knife comes in an ATAK sheath, never on a belt and in mint condition.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included This is an amazing model with thin profile double-edged blade, sticks like no other and slices coming and going. At this price these numbered knives are a steal, you don’t want to miss out on one of these first 10. Thanks and good luck.

Serial #08: available
Serial #09: available