Summary: it’s that time of year again that the elves come out of the woodwork to complete the annual SEAL ATAK editions... and the elves have delivered once again, albeit quite late!! The amount of work that goes in to these SEAL knives is simply mind boggling, they spend weeks and weeks and weeks on these ten numbered annual SEAL's They’re still behind a couple years but hey... quality before quantity. These 2021’s are freakin’ amazing and nine of the ten 2021’s made have already sold.


#007 on and this #10 are all that are left

The 2021 SEAL’s have custom artwork, glowing temper line, and uber rare stainless steel guards. All are file-worked, all have black / red composite handles, and all come with two sheaths (ATAK & slip) and a Certificate of Authenticity. The back of the ATAK sheaths are signed and numbered, super cool.

9 photos of the #004 SEAL ATAK for review -- each SEAL ATAK comes with a new Mad Dog Knives carry case. Layaway available with a 25% deposit... email if you want some type of layaway plan. Thanks and good luck.