Summary: Mad Dog “SERE INSTRUCTOR” with 6” hard chromed partially serrated blade, custom etching, type 1 choil and black / tan composite handle. The overall length of the knife is 11”, mint condition. It’s a kick ass knife, perfect for EDC, survival or military use.

This knife comes with a kydex combat sheath, also brand new and in mint condition.

Bonus: each knife comes with a brand new FlexFit fitted Mad Dog baseball cap with model embroidered on front and SERE logo on back.

10 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. Just a handful of this SERE model have been made thus far and just this one black / tan SERE in stock right now. Additional information below... thanks and good luck.

”The SERE instructor who co-designed the knife has trained with Kevin and been a close associate for about 20 years.

The SERE Instructor™ knife has a 6" long blade made from 1/4" thick by 1.5" wide O1 tool steel. It is based on another Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung original design, the Centurion.

The blade features approximately half length serrations (6 cuts), tremendous strength and all of the virtues sought out by Mad Dog users for the last 30+ years. It also features the new SERE Instructor™ logo beautifully etched into the blade, as well as a new sheath design that makes it more comfortable to carry with a ruck. The new SERE Instructor™ sheath design is a modification to the Kevin McClung designed ATAK™ style sheath, and although not a Jump Sheath, it is very secure and allows speedier deployment of the knife. All handmade in America, by Americans, all American Materials. MAD DOG KNIVES. Fuck Yeah.”