Summary: this is a Mad Dog Knives Springbok with 4-1/2" hard chromed blade with VVTL finish. Blade is perfect -- razor sharp with a type 3 choil and super small JMD. The black & green handle material is the proprietary glass / epoxy composite -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. 3/16" blade stock – overall length is right at 9". This knife is brand new and in mint condition.

The knife comes with the standard highride belt sheath AND an upgraded “gummi” slip sheath that’ll stay in your waistband when you draw the knife. Awesome awesome awesome, both sheaths in mint condition.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog carry case is included. This is an excellent knife for personal use / concealed carry – a hard to find model and quickly becoming one of my favorites for EDC. Satisfaction guaranteed – thanks and good luck.