Summary: tucked away in one collection since new, this is #001 of the ten numbered Sundance knives with 8” Starrett 496-01 blade, false (unsharpened) clip, type 1 choil and black & green handle. (aka “mojave”) Made from 3/16” stock with a very bright VVTL blade finish, fast and light in hand with the overall length at 12-3/4”. When received, the knife was still in the original plastic with the MD shop grease on the blade!! I cleaned off the grease, original edge and in mint condition.

The knife comes with the original ATAK and Dundee sheaths, both in mint condition.

7 photos for review (when was the last time you had a chance to buy a Mad Dog 001?) – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case and original plastic both included. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, simply a fabulous looking fighter with the awesome blade grind and custom black & green handle. Thanks and good luck.