Summary: tucked away in one collection since new, this is a Mad Dog “Tigress” with 9” Starrett 496-01 blade, type 1 choil, and black composite handle. Made from 1/4” stock with an unsharpened upper edge, a very scarce and hard to find model much like the Panther but slightly smaller. When received, the knife was still in the original plastic with the MD shop grease on the blade!! I cleaned off the grease, original edge and in mint condition.

The knife comes with the original Dundee sheath which is also in perfect condition.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. Again, this particular model is just like the larger Mad Dog Panther but on a slightly smaller scale. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, I’ve only seen a couple of other Tigress knives available for sale in the last 5 years. Don’t miss out... thanks and good luck.