In stock, will update as they sell:

Blue / black with VVTL finish: SOLD
Red / black with BTL finish: 1 available

Summary: brand new Mad Dog Voodoo Hounds with a couple of different handle colors. These are the first Voodoo Hounds made with these two materials, the blue / black with VVTL finish (SOLD) and the red / black with BTL finish. All have 7” double-edged blades with small JMD logos. Mad Dog's double edged fighting knives are the the cats meow, if you're looking for something that'll slice coming and going and that no one else has then get one for yourself! No additional on order, could be close to 6 months before I get any more like this.

The knives come with the original ATAK sheaths, mint condition.

6 photo's for review (three of each color) -- a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included with each knife. These are really cool double-edged knives; again, the first time ever offered with this handle material. Perfect for long term collection / investment purposes – don’t miss out! Thanks and good luck.