Summary: this is a brand new Mad Dog Knives Warlock, an outrageously nice double-edged fighter with 8" blade with BTL (brilliant temper line) finish. Made from 1/4" stock, top edge sharpened over 6". This is an extremely versatile, durable knife – in stock and ready to rock. The handle material is the proprietary glass / epoxy composite -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. Overall length is 13". Mad Dog trademark on the blade – this knife is brand new and in dead mint condition.

The knife comes with two MD-issue sheaths: one right-side carry kydex ATAK sheath and one kydex Dundee sheath. Both sheaths are brand new and in perfect condition.

Bonus: brand new / mint condition dark green TAD Gear Shemagh. (the one in the photos is tan, I'll include one that is dark green)

6 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. This is an excellent knife for collection / investment purposes, my photos do this knife NO justice. These double-edged Mad Dog's are the real deal, guaranteed to hold up under the heaviest of use. Satisfaction a given, this one’s a beauty. Thanks and good luck.