Dwaine Carrillo Custom Tunnel Ratt
1 of 1 Magnum #6
Made in 2013
Chad Nichols Damascus
Blue / Turquoise Thumb Stud & Belt Clip Liners
Black G10 & Titanium
Heat Treated SCOUT / COBRA Ti Clip
Signed, Dated & Numbered Inside Ti Scale!!
Original Pelican Hard Case

Summary: this is a 2013 1 of 1 Tunnel Ratt Magnum with a Chad Nichols damascus blade, black G10 and Ti handle with heat treated Ti belt clip. Dwaine signed, dated and numbered (1 of 1 / 2013) the knife on the inside of the backside Ti scale, hard to photograph but I guarantee it's there... clean as a whistle. Purchased directly from the maker, it's a one owner knife in mint condition.

10 photos for review -- as shown, the original Pelican hard case is included. This is a Carrillo 1 of 1, worth a boatload now and more down the road. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, this a rare transitional knife with the heat treated Scout / Cobra titanium belt clip. One of just a few Carrillo's I have left for sale, started with 14 and down to the last 4. Avoid the fake garbage and buy Dwaine's originals... you'll get the best of the best. Authenticity obviously guaranteed -- thanks and good luck.